Reyhan Cengiz

The winner of our poster competition, Reyhan Cengiz, was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1996. She has her roots in Mardin, a city in south-east Turkey known for its diverse ethnic identity. Growing up in an intercultural environment, Cengiz has carried the influences of multiculturalism throughout her life, which have served as nourishing elements for her work. She is very attached to folk music, an essential part of her cultural heritage. Her interest grew even stronger when she joined a folk music choir during her school years. Ultimately, her life path has led her to a point where she takes great pleasure in creating works that revolve around design, culture and music. She studied industrial product design and has a master's degree in user experience design. In her work as an interdisciplinary designer, she combines analytical thinking with creative storytelling.

You can find more information about the winner here:
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"DemBlue" by Reyhan Cengiz, winning design of the poster contest

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