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Morgenland Festival

Probe von Manushan
Probe von Manushan

The focal point of the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück 2010 was the music of the Uyghur, the Muslim minority of Xinjiang in Northwest China.

Guests 2010

Alim Qasimov Ensemble
Yulduz Turdieva
Salman Gambarov & Bakustic Jazz
Ibrahim Keivo
Morgenland Chamber Orchestra
Nader Mashayekhi
Salar Aghili
Alim Qasimov
Fargana Qasimova
Claus Stötter
Klaus Heidenreich
Christof Lauer
Kinan Idnawi
Harir Shariatzadeh
Linda Betar
Basel Rajoub
Nezar Omran
Nareg Abajian
Hannibal Saad
Cymin Samawatie

Im Auftrag des Festivals entstand der Dokumentarfilm
Qetiq. Rock 'n Ürümchi. The Discovery of Perhat Khaliq
Ein Film von Mukaddas Mijit

Im Rahmen des Festivals wurde der Film Eastern Voices von Frank Scheffer als eine Veranstaltung der Freunde des Morgenland Festival Osnabrück e.V. gezeigt.

The programme presented traditional music, rock music, paintings and dance. The charismatic singer Perhat Khaliq performed with his band Qetiq, as well as with the Morgenland Chamber Orchestra and the NDR Bigband. There was also a first cooperation by the NDR Bigband with the Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Hermann Bäumer and Wolf Kerschek. Right up until just before the  Festival started it was unclear whether the Uyghur musicians would be able to travel at all. After the Festival the band Qetiq performed at the Museum for Islamic Art, the Pergamon Museum, in Berlin.

Flamenco Biennale Nederland and the Oriental Landscapes Festival Damascus joined forces to develop the production “Qasida”, which brought together Arabian, Persian and Spanish musicians. The intensive cooperation between the Festival and the Osnabrück Youth Choir was continued in 2010 with concerts, together with the Syrian Bigband, at the Opera House in Damascus, in Amman and in St. Peter’s Cathedral in Osnabrück.

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