Morgenland All-Star Band & Philipp Geist

For the very first time, the Morgenland Festival will be guest at VW. Unusual sounds for the Production Hall 2, where the gigantic machines which produce the bodywork are developed – and, for the musicians, as well as the audience, a rare opportunity to experience this industrial site, which is seeped in tradition.

The Morgenland All Star Band is a formation made up of fantastic musicians, who have all been connected with the festival for years. The home countries of the musicians are symbolic for the geographic range of the festival and its rich diversity, from traditional music to jazz and rock music. In the last few years the band has not just thrilled audiences in Osnabrück, but was also a sensation in places such as Amsterdam, Beirut, Izmir and Almaty, as well as many cities in China.

The Ensemble of the Morgenland Campus will open the concert. This workshop for students is organized by the Institute for Music of the University of Applied Science together with the Festival.

The lighting design for the evening is in the hands of Philipp Geist. This outstanding light artist has worked not just in classical concert halls, such as the Elbphilharmonie or the Konzerthaus in Berlin, but also at the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Cologne Cathedral, the royal throne in Bangkok and the Azadi Tower in Tehran, as well as in innumerable other places all over the world. Geist’s projects are primarily marked by their complexity when integrating space, sound and moving images. His installations transform architecture into moving, artistic light sculptures, which challenge the viewers’ perception of two and three dimensionality.

Entrance to the concert only from the age of 14 years.

Morgenland All Star Band:

  • Dima Orsho - Vocals
  • Ibrahim Keivo - Vocals
  • Frederik Köster - Trumpet
  • Moslem Rahal - Ney
  • Kinan Azmeh - Clarinet
  • Michel Godard - Tuba, Serpent
  • Salman Gambarov - Klavier
  • Andreas Müller - DoubleBass
  • Rony Barrak - Darbouka
  • Bodek Janke - Drums

Philipp Geist, Viva Musica, 2017