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Roots Revival: Timbres of Middle-East-Europe





Maria Casandra Hauși - Vocals
Sabin Penea - Violin
Tohid Vahid - Kamanche
Helene Gluxam - Double bass
Nora Thiele - Percussion
Mehdi Aminian – Ney, Setar & musical director

It is no exaggeration to say that Mehdi Aminian has absorbed the music of half the world. Born in Isfahan in Iran he learned to play the reed pipe, the Ney, and the Setar, a Persian string instrument, and also studied Persian Sufi poetry. When he was only 16 he left his home country to study music, ethnomusicology and information technology in Bosnia, Romania, Malaysia, Austria and the Netherlands. All the influences have made their way into his projects. In 2013 he founded “Roots Revival”, an organisation which promotes dialogue between different musical traditions. His project “Timbres of Middle-East-Europe”, which explores links between the music of the Balkans and the Middle East, was created in cooperation with the Morgenland Festival.

Visit the Morgenland Festival YouTube channel.

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