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Rabih Lahoud, Florian Weber & Ensemble Modern


Location:Lagerhalle Osnabrück


Weber & Lahoud © Christoph Bombart & Andy Spyra

Transforming Now – Rabih Lahoud, Florian Weber and Ensemble Modern 

In the project "Transforming Now" the Lebanese singer Rabih Lahoud, the jazz pianist Florian Weber and members of the Ensemble Modern meet. This program was realized for the first time in 2021 at the “This is not Lebanon” Festival in Frankfurt / Main, which is also the home of the Ensemble Modern. Its musicians are known for innovative and courageous projects that move between contemporary music, opera and performance. Rabih Lahoud is also a courageous and award-winning artist who analyses and rethinks given genres, not just with his successful band MASAA. Together with Florian Weber and the Ensemble Modern, Lahoud wants, in his own words, to use this project to demonstrate the creative power of the musicians that is released in improvisation. It is a formative force that is released in a comparable way in life, for example in threatening situations, and thus gives everyday life and interpersonal relationships an animate form. It is a series of pieces that combine composed structures with improvised spontaneity. 

Rabih Lahoud – Vocals
Florian Weber – Piano
Ensemble Modern:
Dietmar Wiesner – Flute
Sava Stoianov – Trumpet
Giorgios Panagiotidis – Violin
Eva Böcker – Cello
Paul Cannon – Doublebass
Rainer Römer – Drums

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