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Prologue: Songs for Days to Come


Location:Theater am Domhof, Orchestra Studio



Kinan Azmeh - composer & soloist
Liwaa Yazji - librettist
Mohammad Abou Laban - librettist
Daniel Inbal- conductor
Ulrich Mokrusch - director & artist director of Theater Osnabrück

One day before the opening of the Morgenland Festival with Songs for Days to Come”, the spectacular new music theatre piece by Kinan Azmeh, the key participants will talk about the creation, implementation and meaning of the project. On the podium will be the composer and soloist Kinan Azmeh, the librettists Liwaa Yazi and Mohammad Abou Laban, conductor Daniel Inbal together and the director of the piece and artistic director of the Theater Osnabrück, Ulrich Mokrusch.

The event is free of charge.

Songs for Days to Come” is a coproduction with the Theater Osnabrück. The compositional commission is sponsored by the Ernst von Siemens Arts Foundation.

Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung

Visit the Morgenland Festival YouTube channel.

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