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Natalie Amiri meets Neda Rahmanian


Location:Schlossinnenhof (Schloss Inner Courtyard)


Natalie Amiri & Neda Rahmanian © Johannes Moths & Christopher Krenz
Natalie Amiri & Neda Rahmanian © Johannes Moths & Christopher Krenz


Natalie Amiri
Neda Rahmanian
Shabnam Parvaresh, Music

Shabnam Parvaresh © Liudmila Jeremies
Shabnam Parvaresh © Liudmila Jeremies


What do you do if you are on a research trip in the mountains of Iran and you have a problem filling up the car because petrol is scarce due to western sanctions? Or if the trousers you are wearing are supposedly too short and the punishment for that is to climb into a barrel filled with black paint? Natalie Amiri grew up in a German-Iranian family in Munich and then lived and worked for more than six years in Tehran. She is one of the very few German journalists who know Iran in all its complexity and who is not only successful in correctly assessing the international events concerning the Islamic Republic, but also gives the people and their plight a voice.

Neda Rahmanian was born in Tehran and moved with her family to Germany when she was five years old. She grew up in Hamburg, studied acting in Rostock and worked at the Theater Osnabrück, the Staatstheater Wiesbaden, Alten Schauspielhaus Stuttgart, Schauspielhaus Bochum and the Hamburger Kammerspielen. Today she can be seen in many TV and cinema productions. Neda Rahmanian plays Shirin Neshat’s Alter Ego in her “Looking for Oum Kulthum”.

Natalie Amiri and Neda Rahmanian both live “Zwischen den Welten” [Between the Worlds]: Natalie Amiri’s reading in the Schloss Inner Courtyard from the book of that name is the departure point for a lively, intelligent and most certainly amusing dialogue. The evening will be accompanied musically by the Iranian clarinet player Shabnam Parvaresh. Parvaresh grew up in Tehran, was a member of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and lives today as a musician and artist in Osnabrück.

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