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Kolektif Istanbul


Location:Lagerhalle Osnabrück


Kolektif Istanbul © Dominik Gruszczyk

Kolektif Istanbul

Kolektif Istanbul combines traditional Anatolian and Thracian melodies with funk, jazz and international influences to create a driving sound that is as much a melting pot as their native Istanbul.

The terms ‘progressive’ and ‘wedding music’ are rarely used side-by-side, but both apply to Kolektif Istanbul. It’s progressive, because the style boundaries are diffuse, with jazz and funk elements finding a place among the Anatolian melodies and Balkan rhythms. And wedding music? Istanbul Kolektif's music is danceable, party-friendly and the more guests there are, the better the party will be!

This event is not seated!

Aslı Laniepce – trumpet, vocals
Richard Laniepce – saxophone, vocals
Ertan Şahin – sousaphone
Orçun Güler – clarinet
Batuhan Baraç – drums
Murathan Turhan – keyboard

A combined ticket is available for this concert in conjunction with "Young Morgenland: Morgenland Youngsters meet Baku & Istanbul" and "Party with DJ Ipek".


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