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Divna Ljubojević & Melódi


Location:Online Edition


Divna Ljubojević © Nebojša Babić
Divna Ljubojević © Nebojša Babić

On June 20, 7 pm you can find the concert by Divna Ljubojević and Melódi on our YouTube-Channel.

Online Edition from Belgrad/Serbia


Divna Ljubojević, soprano and conductor
Tatjana Gostiljac, alto
Zoran Tešić, bass
Viktor Ljujić, baritone
Nikola Aleksandrov, baritone
Srdjan Babić, baritone

The voice of the Serbian singer and conductor Divna Ljubojević has received all kinds of praise and awards over her career. She has been singing and conducting professionally since the age of 17. She has built and gained a devoted international audience, and numerous critics and media have referred to her voice as “angelic”. However, the most striking quality her lyric soprano voice possesses actually goes beyond the realm of sound. Shimmering shades and glistening glare both refer to the quality of light while cascades of crystals speak about matter and ripples of alternating joy and woe tell us about feelings and senses. And yet, all these qualities are present in Divan’s voice and the way she performs her repertoire. She rediscovered Byzantine vocal heritage for wide audiences, and thus did justice to one of the countless, unfathomable treasures and glories of Byzantium, widely neglected for decades by scholars and public alike.

Professional communities place Divna among the leading specialists of the musical tradition in the countries of Byzantine cultural heritage, and she has certainly become an unlikely and “unprecedented star of 21st century Orthodox music”. Along with her Ensemble Melódi Divna has given over 700 concerts worldwide. Since 2001 she also lectures at various European music seminars and holds vocal master classes. All of her 25 album releases were met with exceptional reviews globally, from both music experts and listeners. During her longstanding career as a soloist, conductor, composer and arranger, Divna has collaborated with Serbian and international opera soloists and instrumental chamber ensembles and has contributed and recorded music for various films original soundtracks and theatre plays.

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