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Bojana Nikolić & Serbian Voices


Location:Online Edition


Bojana Nikolić & Serbian Voices © Dragan Nikić
Bojana Nikolić & Serbian Voices © Dragan Nikić

On June 27, 7 pm you can find the concert by Bojana Nikolić and Serbian Voices on our YouTube-Channel.

Online Edition from Belgrad/Serbia


Bojana Nikolić, vocals
Jovana Zukanović, vocals
Katarina Gojković, vocals
Nemanja Guzijan, vocals
Milan Vašalić, Gajde (Balkan bagpipes), Diple (double fipple flute), Tambura, Kaval
Aleksandar Radulović, percussions

Bojana Nikolić & Serbian Voices take their audience on a striking musical journey through Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece. With the multi-instrumentalist Milan Vašalić on gajde (Balkan bagpipes), diple (double fipple flute), tambura (plucked string instrument from tanbur family) and kaval (Bulgarian “shepherd's flute), and a multi-percussionist, Aleksandar Radulović, these amazing singers let their voices fly freely while those who listen experience sensations they never even knew they had in them.

The singer, ethnomusicologist and researcher, Bojana Nikolić knows full well that singing preserves the traces of the by-gone eras and captures the essence of the complex cultural idiosyncrasy of human groups. As the societies lose close ties with their traditional culture, the role of singing gradually diminishes. Retrieving old songs is an antidote against depersonalization that globalization dynamics has plunged us in. Bojana Nikolić is a woman with a mission: she has made it her life's work to rescue the beautiful traditional Balkan songs and ways of singing. She does so splendidly together with her group, Serbian Voices, composed of her outstanding students and fellow singers and instrumentalists.

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