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Marin Bunea Ensemble




Marin Bunea Ensemble © Diana Bunea
Marin Bunea Ensemble © Diana Bunea


Marin Bunea, violin
Adam Stânga, trumpet
Petar Ralchev, accordion
Andrei Druță, pan flute
Sergiu Diaconu, cobză
Ion Croitoru, bass

Tonight Morgenland Festival invites you to take a dive into the music world of the lăutari, the Gypsy musicians from Moldova. The term itself is transparent: lăutari comes from lute. Thus, these bands were traditionally composed of string instruments players who played their muzica lăutărească. The famous violinist Marin Bunea comes from an old lăutar dynasty and is highly appreciated in Moldova and abroad for his musicianship which maintains the original lăutari tradition alive, mainly through his knowledge of the old repertoire and the distinctive lăutari style. The old lăutari were known by their unparalleled virtuosity, particular performing manner, vast and diverse repertoire, covering all known genres of their time. Marin Bunea himself confesses that as a violinist he has always been astonished by the extraordinary technical mastery, stylistic refinement and striking artistry of these legendary musicians. This is the music that pulsates in Marin´s veins and his violin.

The bountiful music style of the lăutari varies from region to region of both Romania and Moldova. Improvisation is one of its hallmarks and the deftness of the musicians is the other. Muzica lăutărească has even had a great influence on the Romanian composer George Enescu, by his own account. It was while listening to this music as a child that Enescu´s love for music was born. Later it found a way to his own music as a classical music composer. Martin Bunea´a Ensemble boast prestigious instrumentalists, such as Adam Stânga on the trumpet, another descendant of a lăutari family who guards the tradition and is known for his delicate, soft, but alos penetrating sound; the Bulgarian accordionist Petar Ralchev, the founder of a unique performing style and one of the brightest stars on today´s scene; Andrei Druță, who plays the pan flute, -an instrument used since 17th century in lăutari music-, who developed a brilliant style based on both folklore traditions and academic school skills; Ion Croitoru, a well-known double bass virtuoso, renowned for his full sound, precise intonation, very skillful articulation and rich harmonization inspired by lăutari music. Last but not least, Sergiu Diaconu is yet another virtuoso of the band playing the cobza. Cobza is a multi-stringed instrument of the lute family. Sergiu´s sound is full and round and he incorporates counterpoint lines, which are otherwise typical for the cimbalom or the viola.

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