To recieve an accreditation we need the following information from you: Which medium are you writing for and which concerts would you like to attend? Please send us a specimen copy of your article after the end of the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück.

Because of a shortage of tickets we are sorry to inform that there are no tickets available for people who are not journalists.


All concerts are recorded. For this reason, we only accrediate photographers accompagnying journalists

Accreditation form

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After each concert we will be glad to provide you free of charge with pictures, taken by our own excellent photographer, for your publication in connection with the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück. Please send an email to:

Press release

Press releases will be uploaded here as soon as they are available.

Picture Credits

  • Taksim Trio: Osman Özel
  • Alim Qasimov: 
  • Michel Godard: Andy Spyra
  • Kiya Tabassian: Maryvonne Plassard
  • Ensemble MAquam: Georges Yammine
  • Nour Kamar: privat
  • Looking for Oum Kulthum: Razor Film
  • Narek Haknazaryan: Marco Borggreve
  • Saleem Ashkar: Liudmila Jeremies
  • Elisaveta Blumina: Frances Marshall
  • Yasamin Shahhosseini: 
  • Maya Youssef: IGORSTUDIO
  • Dima Orsho: Luidmila Jermies
  • Mohsen Namjoo: Ali Dokhanchi
  • Trio Ré: Jodhpur RIFF and OIJO
  • Kinan Azmeh: Martina Novak
  • NDR BigBand: Michael Zapf/NDR
  • Ingolf Burghardt: Benjamin Hüllenkremer
  • Wu Wei: Luidmila Jermies
  • Bakustic Jazz: private
  • Aynur: Nadja Pollack
  • Moslem Rahal: Andy Spyra
  • Manfred Leuchter: Gina Faber
  • Waed Bouhassoun: F. Guenet
  • Morgenland All Star Band: Andy Spyra
  • Zenobia: Zenobia

Morgenland Festival Osnabrück

Founded in: 2005

Artistic Director: Michael Dreyer

Festival dates: The Morgenland Festival Osnabrück takes place annually in June.

Artistic orientation: Music of the Near and Middle East and Central Asia – from traditional to jazz, rock, pop and avant-garde.

Concert venues:
Cinema Arthouse Osnabrück, Herz-Jesu-Kirche Osnabrück, Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Lagerhalle Osnabrück, Museumsquartier Osnabrück, St. Marien Osnabrück, Volkswagen Osnabrück Werkshalle 2