As part of the Festival, and for the second time, the project “Morgenland in the Classroom” will take place, together with the University of Osnabrück as official collaboration partner. Students from the Institute of Musicology and Music Pedagogy will now also bring the Morgenland into Osnabrück classrooms. Together with the pupils they will firstly go in search of points of contact with the music of Kazakhstan, which, at first, seems strange to our ears, and then, as a highlight, they will organize class visits by the artists themselves – for example, Almas Nugamov and Togzhan Duisenbekkyzy from the Kazakh group Khazar.
As part of the accompanying training course the students will learn not only about aspects of Kazakhstan's cultural history but, moreover, about the musical traditions of the region. Subsequently, as part of the seminar, they will prepare teaching units for the partner schools, accompany and document the visits to the schools by the artists, and, last but not least, they will gain practical experience with the music of the region on their own instrument. Thus, the project offers a multidimensional introduction to a hitherto unknown musical world.
“You get sucked in – once you've started to look at this fascinating music, you feel you want to get into it even deeper,” enthuses Edin Mujkanović, who, together with Prof. Dr. Dorothee Barth, will be conducting the seminar. As a music educationist Barth adds, “I was especially thrilled at the openness of the music teachers in Osnabrück. Although this music is also completely new to them they followed our invitation and inquisitively embraced this new music. That is an important step towards intercultural competence!”

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