A world rock music rarity - Uyghur and Kazakh music from Xinjiang. Dreyer.Gaido discovered the Uyghur Rock Band QETIQ in spring 2010 in a bar in Urumqi, the capital of the Uyghur Autonomous Region Xinjiang in Northwerstern China.

Xinjiang, three times bigger than France, is the homeland of the muslim minority of the Uyhurs, a turkik ethnic that is merely unknown to the western world.

Taklmakan desert is part of the region, the second biggest sand-desert after the Sahara.

It took extraordinary efforts to bring the musicains to Europe for concerts in the Pergamon-Museum Berlin and at the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück. Perhat Khaliq, the charismatic leader of the band, also joined the famous NDR Bigband and the Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra during his first trip out of Xinjiang.

The recordings for Qetiq's first studio album were made in Urumqi and Osnabrück. They represent an extraordinary wide variaty of styles of popular Uyghur and Kazakh music – overtone singing meets country music, old desertsongs meet rock and funk.

Label: Dreyer.Gaido Musikproduktionen
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