Morgenland In Kazakhstan And Kyrgyzstan

Osnabrück Youth Choir & Students from the Music High Schools in Almaty and Bishkek

Joint projects with the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück have already taken the Osnabrück Youth Choir to Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and the Lebanon. Together with the Orchestra of the Izmir State Opera the choir performed the oratorio Yunus Emre, by the young Turkish composer Adnan Saygun, in Izmir and in Osnabrück. The only recording of this important work in the original Turkish language was made by the Osnabrück Youth Choir and the Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra. The work is about the mystic and Sufi, Yunus Emre, who was a fervent advocate of religious tolerance.

Together with students from Almaty/Kazakhstan and Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan the work will receive its first central Asian performance in October.

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