The Poetry Project Berlin - Fled to Europe alone

The latest wave of immigration has changed our country. Who exactly are these people who have come to live with us? How exactly did they get here, from Syria and Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran? Why did they choose Germany and not a different country?

Right from the start ‘The Poetry Project’ has sought to contact young, unaccompanied refugees. Since then, these newcomers, aged between 13 and 18, together with their mentors, have been writing poems. Their topics are: What exactly were we fleeing from? Who sent us? How we see you, the Germans, and how you see us, the refugees. The poems are informative and moving. They will be recited in the native languages of the authors. The German translations will be read by Oliver Meskendahl.

‘The Poetry Project’ is a four-language documentation project. It organizes multi-lingual youth writing groups all across Germany and presents public readings. The goal is to encourage a dialogue between the refugees and those who grew up here.

The project was awarded the Else Lasker-Schüler Lyric Prize 2018.