The New Silk Road

The historic Silk Road was a network of caravan routes, which connected the Mediterranean with central Asia and China. Along this route, not only goods, but also ideas, religions and cultures were exchanged, in both directions. It has become a synonym for exchange per se.

‘The New Silk Road’ is the name of our project, which brings together musicians from Europe, the Caucasus, central Asia and China. Like many Morgenland initiatives the programme will evolve from the reciprocal inspiration of all the artists involved. Quite different musical worlds will encounter one another here. The Morgenland Festival has given birth to many magic encounters. And this could be another of them…

  • Ulzhan Baibussynova, Vocals & Dombra
  • Raushan Orozbaeva, Kobyz 
  • Wu Wei, Sheng
  • Salman Gambarov, Piano
  • Bodek Janke, Percussion

For both Concerts on June 22nd at the Lagerhalle there is a Combiticket available.