The Fence, The Rooftop And The Distant Sea

With: Elisaveta Blumina, Gregor Witt, Mathias Baier, Tibor Reman, Narek Hakhnazaryan & Dima Orsho

When the winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition for Cello, a pianist, whose passionate interest is the Eastern European piano music of the 20th and 21st century, as well as the Principal Oboe, the Principal Clarinet and the Principal Bassoon of the Staatskapelle Berlin come together to play Chamber Music, then you can almost bet on the programme for the concert: Works by European composers, and perhaps, if contemporary music is played, American, or even very occasionally a composer from East Asia. Today, however, you would lose that bet. Elisaveta Blumina, Narek Hakhnazaryan and the members of the Staatskapelle Berlin, Gregor Witt, Tibor Reman and Mathias Baier will play music by young Arabic composers: Works with differing instrumentations by Maias Alyamani, Kinan Azmeh, Bechara El-Khoury, as well as two pieces by Zaid Jabri and Issam Rafea, which were written especially for today’s concert. In the Sextet by Issam Rafea they are joined by Dima Orsho, the wonderful singer who is well-known to Osnabrück audiences as being quite at home in all musical worlds.

In cooperation with Universität Osnabrück