Renaud García-Fons & Derya Türkan

The French double bass player Renaud García-Fons is counted amongst the most renowned jazz bass players of our age. His teacher, Francois Rabbath, acquainted García-Fons at an early age with Arabic music, something which considerably influenced his musical creativity. He has, for example, worked with musicians as Rabih-Abou Khalil, Kudsi Ergüner and Dhafer Youssef.

Having intensively studied different playing techniques from various music genres, García-Fons has achieved an unparalleled virtuosity on his 5-stringed instrument. Alongside his very polished pizzicato and bowing technique, García-Fons uses the bow percussively.

The kemençe player Derya Türkan is from Istanbul, where he graduated from the Turkish Music State Conservatory in 1995. He was a member of the Istanbul State Turkish Music Ensemble, played for Turkish radio and accompanied the Kudsi Ergüner Group on concert tours of Turkey, USA and Europe. He is held to be a master of the kemençe, a small lute, which is held vertically on the lap and played using a bow. Unlike the violin, the strings are not pressed downwards, but are pushed to the side with the fingernail, thus dividing its oscillations.

In 2014 Türkan together with García-Fons recorded the album “Silk Moon”. Their compositions combine oriental maqam with Andalusian Cante jondo, and the duo of double bass and kemençe sounds as rich as a whole orchestra.