Prologue: Wu Wei in "Revolution and Architecture"

Filling the nave of the Kunsthalle is a source of inspiration as well as a challenge, both for visual artists and musicians. Wu Wei, the magnificent soloist on the Chinese mouth organ, the Sheng, will perform in the nave and bring the installation to life. Before the official opening concert of the Morgenland Festival at June 15th, Wu Wei will perform solo at the Kunsthalle. In a cultural context June 15thpromises to be an exceptional day in the City of Peace, Osnabrück. The  Kunsthalle Osnabrück will also open its doors for a new exhibition. With “Revolution and Architecture” the Kunsthalle Osnabrück is dedicating a solo exhibition to the artist Christoph Faulhaber, who originally comes from Osnabrück but now lives in Hamburg. With video excerpts from his film “Jedes Bild ist ein leeres Bild” [“Every picture is an empty picture”] – a mixture of fiction and documentary – as well as a large part of Faulhaber’s newspaper archive, the artist’s existing, somewhat provocative ‘projects’ and ‘actions’ will be given an impressive presentation. The nave of the former church will house an extensive installation, which will relate to the geometrical forms of “revolution architecture” as well as works by the Osnabrück artist Friedrich Vordemwalde-Gildewart. We look forward to this joint prologue, in collaboration with the Kunsthalle!

Free entry. Limited space only is available.

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