Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra meets Morgenland All Star Band

The 15th anniversary of the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück is the occasion of a special premiere: In an open air concert in front of the Dom the Morgenland All Star Band will play with the Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra for the first time. The concert will be conducted by Naci Özgüc, the long time head conductor of the opera houses in Ankara and Istanbul, who trained under Lorin Maazel. On the programme are works by Daniel Schnyder, Maias Alyamani, Kinan Azmeh, as well as the first performance of a double concerto for two pianos, members of the band and the orchestra by Wolf Kerschek, a work commissioned by the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück. Kerschek is one of the most unconventional German musicians: vibraphone player, composer, conductor and arranger, who has worked with Rammstein as well as with Till Brönner and Vicky Leandros, Ulrich Tukur and for the television series “Little Amadeus”. In addition he is head of the Jazz Department at the High School for Music in Hamburg and describes himself as “a global musician, in the broadest sense”.

Tickets are only available from the Theater Osnabrück.