On Babur's Trail

At June 22nd the Morgenland Festival guests at Lagerhalle with a double-concert, starting with the project ‘On Babur’s Trail’. 

Zahir ud-Din Muhammad Babur, also known as Babur Khan or Babur Shah, was the founder of the Mogul Empire. He was born in Uzbekistan in 1483 and died in Agra/India in 1530. “On Babur’s Trail” attempts a modern approach to the multi-faceted musical culture of the Mogul Empire. This was, to some degree, due to the enormous extent of the Empire in the early 16thcentury. The four musicians from Afghanistan and Tadzhikistan draw their inspiration from pictures and literary descriptions and develop a fascinating world of sound.

  • Homayun Sakhi, Rubab
  • Sirojiddin Juraev, Dutar & Tanbour
  • Mukhtor Muborakqadomov, Setar
  • Salar Nader, Tabla

Presented in collaboration with the Aga Khan Music Initiative, a programme of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture.

For both Concerts on June 22nd at the Lagerhalle there is a Combiticket available.