Masaa is the Arabic word for evening and represents the time of day where people get together and exchange views. On this Saturday evening, this four-man German-Lebanese jazz formation, which has already been awarded the Bremer Musikpreis as well as the two great world music prizes Förder-RUTH and Creole Publikumspreis, will play in the Lagerhalle for the first time.

Extended tours have taken Masaa all over Germany as well as to east Africa and the Lebanon, and the band has recorded three albums since its formation in 2011. The members of the band are classically trained musicians and all of them share a passion for experimental jazz.

Front-man Rabih Lahoud was born in the Lebanon and studied composition and piano as well as classical and jazz singing in Düsseldorf and Rostock. His improvised poems are at the heart of the music, which combines Arabic music with contemporary jazz. The band describes this musical creational process as “improetry”.

“80 percent of everything which happens on stage is improvised,” says Lahoud. The audience at this late-night concert can certainly look forward to a 100 percent listening experience.

  • Rabih Lahoud - Gesang
  • Marcus Rust - Trompete
  • Clemens Pötzsch – Klavier
  • Demian Kappenstein - Perkussion