Manfred Leuchter & Friends

Manfred Leuchter is an accordion player, producer of albums for artists such as Reinhard Mey and Stephan Sulke, arranger, composer, sound engineer and passionate global traveller who, for a long time now, has made Marrakesh his second home. From the opera in Cairo to the Elbphiharmonie, from Sudan to the Hebrides – wherever he is, he moves with surefootedness between all the sound cultures of this world, yet without neglecting his own language, the intimate dialogue with his instrument. Time and again, Leuchter has brought together in Europe musicians he has met on his travels. For the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück he has got together a distinguished group: The Italian, Andrea Piccioni, is a celebrated virtuoso on the Tambourello and frame drum, who has toured with such greats as Bobby McFerrin and Gianluigi Trovesi. Feras Charestan from Syria is a magician on the kanun, Mohamed Najem, is a sensitive clarinet player from the Palestine, and Bassem Hawar, is nothing less than an exquisite master of the djoze, an arabic knee violin, which he learned to play in Baghdad. The sextet will be completed by Leuchter’s long-time partner on the bass, Antoine Pütz. When Manfred Leuchter and his friends are on the stage you just have to close your eyes - and feel the pulse of the world. And that pulse is somewhere between Bach and Baghdad.

A combi-ticket is available for this concert and the one before.