The second festival Friday is traditionally dedicated to loud and fast music, and this year as well the seats will be removed from the main hall of the Lagerhalle to give space to the exciting beats of the electro band 47Soul.

In only a short time the band, which was founded in Amman and whose four members meanwhile live in London, has already gained itself a huge fan community. 47Soul has played at venues in Europe, Chile, Australia and Egypt. They are also heard by youths in the Gaza strip and in the clubs of war-torn Damascus.

“What’s the soul of the 47? Sham put the soul in the 47” is a text passage in one of the bands songs. Shamstep is what the musicians, who all have Palestinian roots, call their characteristic style; a combination of Arabic elements with electronic sounds made by the musicians using analogue synthesizers, drum computers, percussion, guitars and their voices.

A central element of Shamstep is the Dabke, a famous circle dance, which is traditionally danced at festivities in the region. “Sham” comes from Bilad al-Sham, a region which is known as “the Levant” in German and English. People of differing ethnicities, religions and languages all live there, and the only thing linking them is a specific Arabic dialect. With their texts 47Soul aim to strengthen this unity, without however invoking nationalism; they are about the wish for freedom, diversity and equality.

  • Z the People, Voice, Synth
  • El Far3i Darouka, MC / Voice
  • Walaa Sbeit Percussion, MC / Voice
  • El Jehaz Guitar, Voice