Hewar & Capella de la Torre - Das Hohelied der Liebe

The tenth anniversary of the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück in 2014 saw a magical meeting in the Kleine Kirche. The baroque ensemble Capella de la Torre compiled, together with the Trio Hewar, a programme entitled The Song of Songs, whereby the ensembles approached the texts from two quite different directions. This year sees a repeat of this meeting.

Here, the Syrian singer Dima Orsho meets the German countertenor Kai Wessel, the clarinettist Kinan Azmeh offers a comparison with the renaissance wind instruments of Katharina Bäuml and the Capella de la Torre. The cosmos of settings of the Song of Songs from medieval Europe meets traditional Syrian music and improvisation. The interaction between the two worlds gives rise to a whole new entity, a setting of the Canticum Canticorum as it has never been heard before.


  • Dima Orsho - Voice
  • Kinan Azmeh - Clarinet
  • Jasser Haj Joussef - Viola, Viola d’amore

Capella de la Torre:

  • Kai Wessel - Voice
  • Birgit Bahr - Shawm
  • Tural Ismayilov - Trombone
  • Annette Hils - Dulcian
  • Johannes Vogt - Lute and Theorbe
  • Martina Fiedler - Organ
  • Peter A. Bauer - Percussion
  • Katharina Bäuml - Shawm