Movie: The wounded Angel

A film by Emir Baigazin

In the form of episodes, ‘The Wounded Angel’ tells the story of four youths in a physically ravaged village in Kazakhstan, shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Balapan is a sensitive 13 year-old with an extraordinary singing voice. He is mobbed but doesn’t try to defend himself. At the village’s community centre Balapan meets Serik, a boy of the same age, who goes there in the evenings to box. They both become friends.

Zharas is good-looking and has a strong personality. He doesn’t talk much, is unassuming and works hard after school to help his mother. The villagers don’t speak well of him as his father was put in prison for stealing. When his father is released, Zharas has no idea how he should react to him.

Zhaba lives alone with his mother in poverty. He is a loner and scavenges the sewer tunnels for iron and other scrap metals, which he later melts down and sells. One day he discovers the entrance to an abandoned steel-works. A few children from a home for the handicapped have found refuge here. They sell metal so they can afford to buy plastic bags from which they sniff glue.

Aslan is, at first sight, a well-balanced character. He wins all the science competitions and dreams of winning a place at a renowned medicine faculty. But then his secret 13 year-old girl-friend Rosa gets pregnant.

Augenschein Film Productions