Film Screening: Looking For Oum Kulthum

A film by Shirin Neshat

The Iranian artist, Shirin Neshat, who lives in New York, originally set out to make a film about the Egyptian singer, Oum Kulthum, who is as revered in the Arabic world as Maria Callas and Madonna together. However, she came up against so many difficulties – because she could not speak Arabic, because she is a woman, etc. – that the project failed. But instead of giving up, Shirin Neshat decided to make a film about all the difficulties she encountered – in a fascinating mixture of levels and times, between historical reality and fiction, between film and film-in-film. During this process she not only got closer to the legendary musician, but was also continually confronted with the theme of identity. The role of the director, Shirin Neshat’s alter-ego, is played in this German-Austrian-Italian-Moroccan coproduction by Neda Rahmanian. The actress, who was born in Teheran and grew up in Hamburg, had her first engagement as an actress at the Theater Osnabrück from 2003-2005. Today she is a well-known from television and theatre and can be seen, for example, as the leading role in the ARD crime series set in Croatia.

Neda Rahmanian and her young colleague Nour Kamar will attend the film presentation personally.

Tickets are only available from the Cinema Arthouse.