Exhibition: Hate and Hope. Afghanistan. Photos by Andy Spyra

Photographs by Andy Spyra in the Felix Nussbaum Collection

„Afghanistan. A place of personal longing and, at the same time, hell. A journey marked by fear and anxiety, oscillating between admiration and anguish. The wish: to make Afghanistan, or at least a small part of it, understandable; to explain it. Embedded in a security infrastructure, which offers no security whatsoever, where it is not clear who is friend and who is enemy. An attempt to understand a culture which seems to be so distant from our own. And finally: the experience of the borders of our own cultural awareness.“
-Andy Spyra

Andy Spyra is recognized as one of Germany’s most sought-after photographers. He was born in Hagen in 1984 and works as a freelancer for national and international media. For his first published photos he was awarded the “Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography” in 2008 - the first German ever to receive this award.

Spyra is best known for his photographs of the crisis areas of Africa and the Middle East. However, it is not his aim to be known as a photographer of war or crises. For him the fighting is not at the forefront: Moreover it is his wish to document with his photographs the people who live in the middle of these battles, respectfully and in sharp detail. He shows what the war has made of them and their surroundings – and how they themselves deal with their fate.

In collaboration with the Museumsquartier Osnabrueck

The exhibition can be visited until 1/7/2018