Opening Concert

Wu Man & Wu Wei / Ensemble Khazar

Two exceptional musicians from China will open this year’s festival. Wu Man is the outstanding performer on the short-necked lute, the Pipa, and is an ambassador of Chinese music par excellence. She has been nominated for a Grammy five times and in 2013, as the first non-classical musician, she was awarded the title ‘MusicalAmerica- Instrumentalist of the Year’. In this year’s Morgenland Festival she will, for the first time, perform together with Wu Wei, the internationally renowned virtuoso on the Sheng, the Chinese mouth organ. Wu Wei has established this fascinating instrument in New Music and jazz, and has worked together with some of the most important composers and musicians in the world, such as the Berlin Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and the Ensemble Modern. Wu Man and Wu Wei will develop a joint programme especially for the Morgenland Festival – an exciting debut!
In May the Morgenland Festival was guest in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Almaty, situated on the border to Kirgizia, is a Eurasian crossroad and the cultural centre of the country. The young multi-instrumentalist Jalgasbek Iles brought together some fantastic fellow musicians and founded the Ensemble Khazar, which has dedicated itself to the traditional music of the central Asian country.