DJ Ipek

Eklektik Berlinistan – Sounds of Turkey, EurAsia, Balkan and Elektro

Ever since 2011 DJ Ipek has been an essential part of the festival programme. She will take over on the turntables at the end of the concert in the Lagerhalle. The internationally renowned German-Turkish DJ has already travelled to Iraq with the festival, and will this year accompany our guest appearance in the Lebanon.

Ipek calls her characteristic sound, which is a mix of Turkish and Asian melodies, Balkanbeats and western electro music, Eklektik Berlinistan and it guarantees maximal listening and dancing enjoyment.

From 11 pm onwards until deep into the night, festival visitors can dance off their excess energy, and it is almost a certainty that one or other of the Morgenland musicians will get up onto the stage for a spontaneous gig.

DJ Ipek can be heard at the Festival in Beirut at the Mezian on 29 June.