Beethoven-Zyklus Finale

In 2016 the Morgenland Festival saw the start, and this evening sees the eighth and final part of a cycle of concerts, where Saleem Ashkar presents all of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas.

Apart from Osnabrück, the piano virtuoso has played all 32 sonatas in East and West Jerusalem, Prague and Berlin. Short films from the various venues, talks and discussions on themes such as ‘music and identity’, ‘power and music’, ‘music and religion’ will address questions which transcend the works of Beethoven and seem to be of elementary importance today.

This evening Ashkar will look back at the concert cycle, talk to guests who accompanied him on his “tour de force” and relate whether his expectations were met, exceeded or underachieved.

Sonatas 6,10, 23 and 32