Aynur & 4hands

With Aynur, Salman Gambarov, Florian Weber & Michel Godard

Aynur is the female voice of Kurdistan. Born in East Anatolia and raised in Istanbul, she became a star in Turkey in 2004 with her first CD. In 2005 her album “Kece Kurdan” (Kurdish Girl) was temporarily banned because it was an appeal for separatism. Its theme is the fight of Kurdish women against feudalism and oppression and that they are to be robbed of their identity – a song which appeals for a stand against male supremacy. In 2011 Aynur left Turkey after she was shouted down by nationalists at the Istanbul Jazz Festival. In 2012 she opened the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück together with the Morgenland Chamber Orchestra, and in 2013 she performed a much acclaimed concert with Kayhan Kalhor, Salman Gambarov and Cemil Qocgiri, and the resulting CD “Hawniyaz” was awarded the prestigious Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik [German Record Critic’s Prize]. This year she will be accompanied by two wonderful pianists – 4hands: Salman Gambarov from Baku and Florian Weber, who commutes between New York and Cologne for various projects and whose second CD on ECM was recently released. As “special guest” they will be joined by Michel Godard, the incredibly versatile bass, tuba and serpent player.