Morgenland All-Star Band

In 2012 they gave their highly acclaimed debut on Osnabrück's Market Square: The Morgenland All Star Band, a formation of fantastic musicians who have been part of the Festival for years. Their home countries are symbolic for the far-reaching geographical spread of the Festival, and their music is equally multi-faceted – from traditional music to jazz and rock. In 2013 they performed to enthusiastic audiences in the Concert Hall of the NDR in Hanover and the Stadthalle in Mülheim an der Ruhr and in 2015 the band performed in the Saygun Culture Centre in Izmir and toured China for 6 weeks with the Uyghur Rockstar Perhat Khaliq.

A global web of sound, full of excitement, opposites and surprises.

Morgenland All Star Band:

  • Dima Orsho - Vocals
  • Ibrahim Keivo - Vocals
  • Frederik Köster - Trumpet
  • Ziya Gückan - Violin
  • Moslem Rahal - Ney
  • Kinan Azmeh - Clarinet
  • Michel Godard - Tuba, Serpent
  • Salman Gambarov - Klavier
  • Andreas Müller - DoubleBass
  • Rony Barrak - Darbouka
  • Bodek Janke - Drums