The Music Coaches for the Summer Camp 2018


Dima Orsho has been among the coaches since the first Morgenland Academy in 2015. She comes from Syria, but has lived for some years now with her husband and her son in the USA. She was the first Syrian soprano to be taught at the Boston Conservatory, where she graduated with a Master of Music in Singing and Clarinet. Dima is a power woman with a breath-taking vocal technique. Throuhg her many appearances at the Morgenland Festival she feels that Osnabrück is her second home. You can find a sample of her singing here.




tl_files/2017/Downloads/Layale Chaker by Anna Rakhvalova.jpgLayale Chaker comes from the Lebanon, where she started taking violin lessons at the Conservatory when she was only seven years old. In the meantime she has taught at the renowned Sorbonne in Paris and, when she is not travelling the world with other musicians or practising, she sits at her desk in New York and works at her Doctor's thesis on Arabian composition. Layale was a long-time member of the West Eastern Divan Orchestra, a young orchestra conducted by Daniel Barenboim. She knows exactly what young people like to do, apart from making music. In 2017 we were glad to have her as coach at the Academy, and she had so much fun that she is back on board this year. And this is what it sounds like when Layale plays.




Rony Barrak also hails from the Lebanon, where he learned to play the Darbouka when he was only four years old. He is an incredibly versatile musician with a large repertoire of traditional, classical, Latin American and jazz music and has been thrilling participants at the Academy since it was founded. Rony is a groove monster, who has just as much fun when performing as he does when he teaches. He is a passionate table-football player and performs together with Dima in the Morgenland Allstar Band. Here you can watch both in action.